International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day, a day that is widely celebrated in other countries, but unfortunately does not gain much attention here in the states. While women have gained human and civil rights many places in the world, as a group that has been systematically oppressed for thousands of years, there is alot of catching up to do. I’ve included links to a few articles below that highlight how important it is to acknowledge the right of every woman and girl to lead a life where she has choices. The choice to not wear a veil, the choice to wear a veil, the choice to get married and have babies, the choice to have babies and not need a husband for it, the choice to be with a woman that she loves and have the same rights as heterosexual couples, the choice to vote, to run for the Presidency, the choice to have an abortion, the choice to not have an abortion.

The ability to choose is vital. In the articles below women were stripped of their right to choose. Whether it be the choice not to serve the Japanese government as “comfort women”, or the choice to protest and organize. These wrong doings affect all of us. Whether or not you are a woman, you surely know and love one, and the right to choose is taken away from women, why not Latinos, Asians, Jews, etc? As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said;

“Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere” Think on that. If you have the right to choose, be glad. Take action to protect and empower women around the world.

Iran Police Stop Women’s Protest

Denial Reopens Wounds of Japan’s Ex-Sex Slaves

Kenneth Eng’s Racist Diatribe

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Recently Kenneth Eng, a columnist for the publication AsianWeek, exposed himself as a hateful bigot. In his column, Why I Hate Black People, he spewed some of the most hateful and ignorant speech I have heard in a long time. In the article, which can been seen below, he outlines his distaste for Black people noting all black people hate Asians, Blacks are weak willed for converting to Christianity and for not overcoming 400 years of slavery, etc. The reason why I find this sort of display so disappointing, besides the fact that Asian Week thought it was appropriate to print this column and then apologizes once people are offended, good job Asian Week, is that I genuinely believe that all minority groups have a vested interest in supporting each other. By minority groups I mean Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Women, LGBT and anybody else that’s not a white, straight, man. We all need each other to be genuinely successful in our search for justice. What heartens me is that so many people have denounced Eng’s ignorant rant. I encourage anyone and everyone reading this post to write editors of Asian Week and question why in the world this column was ever published, and to anyone advertising on their site encouraging them to pull their support for the publication. Don’t be satiated by a half-assed apology and firing. Demand an answer for why the hell the publishers thought it was alright to dress up bigotry as journalism.