“I Wanted To Get The Racist’s Point Of View”

by TKOEd • Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009 • no responses - be the first

BIG Shout out to WARN for this:

“Dolls can’t move. You retarded?”

My favorite thing is how he keeps saying that white people are outnumbered. I guess a 2/3 majority just ain’t what it used to be. Where’s the hate for the Mexicans? Aka all Latinos. Very disappointing.

Why The Religious Argument Against Gay Marriage Is Bullshit

by TKOEd • Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009 • one response - join in

Equality Maine cuts through the bull:

How would marriage equality affect my church?
That’s entirely up to your church. Remember, the issue is civil marriage, not religious marriage ceremonies. Religious institutions are not required to perform civil marriages, and may set their own boundaries for marriage. Some faith leaders will not perform marriages for people who have been divorced, for example, or for people of different religions. Marriage equality does not challenge the autonomy of religious institutions in any way. Advocates of marriage equality focus strictly on civil marriage, and leave decisions about religious marriage ceremonies to faith leaders.

Shout out Bill in Portland Maine