Terms of Endearment: Nigga

by TKOEd • Monday, Aug 16, 2010 • no responses - be the first

I don’t particularly care if Black folks say nigga. I use the word more than I’d like to (not as much as Aaron McGruder apparently), but the meme that it’s basically a term of endearment among Black people is flawed at best. If I say “fuck you nigga”, I’m not exactly you showing you love. The word gets used in this manner often.

I generally don’t care if you use it, but let’s drop the pretense that’s it’s always or even mostly used when showing love to another brown person.

The question of “Black Male Privilege”

by TKOEd • Sunday, Aug 1, 2010 • 12 responses - join us

If 99% of things about so-called Black male privilege can be addressed by calling it male privilege & we get the bonus of not having a polarizing discussion of whether or not BMP exists than why not do that? What’s the benefit to calling it Black male privilege? I don’t see any. I don’t get the investment in the notion.

I would love to be enlightened in a serious way. I have no problem saying I’m wrong, but this is a subject that you really need to come with it to get to me on. In plain words that can be easily understood. Because honestly, a lot of the academic reasons for the “necessity” of calling it BMP feels like intellectual masturbation and not an actual wish to change our communities & society. #noshots to anyone I know personally.


by TKOEd • Sunday, Aug 1, 2010 • no responses - be the first

If the language you’re using doesn’t help you effect (affect?) the change you’re trying to make than what good is it?