The crack game, in it’s essence, is pure capitalism.

Profit, over people, at all costs. Eliminate enemies at all costs. Take out the dominant political regime or competition at all costs.  Endless accumulation of property and capital, at all costs. Domination through coercion, violence and if necessary legal
means at all costs.

…the human toll, are all irrelevant.

Above is an excerpt from an excellent post by @Mdotwrites over at her blog Model Minority. Please read the full post.

Mull it over a bit & then think about this bit of satire from The Poke:

Monopoly, the iconic board game that for decades has instilled the values of aggressive capitalism into the young, joined forces today with the hit TV show The Wire.

Emphasis mine. While “The Wire” version of monopoly is not real, Mdot’s points are very salient. I’m not saying we shouldn’t play Monopoly & the like, but I am saying we need to think a lot more about the ways in which capitalism inserts itself into every single aspect of our society. From board games to “the game”, it’s everywhere, and it’s something we must grapple with much sooner rather than later.

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