5@5: Mo’ Guns, Mo’ Problems

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The CEO of  the NRA is bat-shit crazy:

Stunning NRA Press Conference Blames Shooting On Media, Video Games, Movies And Calls On Congress To Put Cop In Every School

Gary Wills talks about near worship of guns in America:

Our Moloch

Andrew Rosenthal wonders why we treat the 2nd amendment as being unlimited:

Is the Second Amendment Absolute?

Guns everywhere would lead to a Cold War in America says Alan Jacobs at The American Conservative:

Guns, Risks, and Safety

At T-NC’s blog, Tony Horwitz sees the parallels between the old “Slave Power”, and the new “Gun Power”:


The NRA and the ‘Positive Good’ of Maximum Guns



5 @ 5: Susan Rice Drops Out

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Susan Rice has run off by the GOP clowns in the Senate:

Rice Drops Bid for Secretary of State, Citing Opposition

Rick Ungar drops some knowledge on Right To Work for less laws:

Right-to-Work’ Laws Explained, Debunked & Demystified

Gene Demby (soon to be of NPR) writes about the unaccounted for costs of poverty:

On Cory Booker & Poverty’s Psychic Costs

Are the NYPD trained well enough in the use of their hand-guns? I’m sorry is that a real question? The answer hell fucking no:

NY Police Recruits Need More Gun Training In Real Life Scenarios, Critics Say

#ICYMI: I had a few thoughts on the firing of Rhonda Lee by KTBS in Shreveport, LA:

Black Woman Fired For Being Nice

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5 @ 5: Soldiers On Food Stamps

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Some soldiers, and their families are unable to make ends meet. So they end up at food pantries, and on SNAP. “I thought this was America people!” American society allegedly reveres our military “heroes.” Guess not:

Fort Hood soldiers fight to make ends meet

Frank Bruni writes a non-obtuse op-ed for once:

The God Glut

 Right To Work (for less) passes the Michigan House. These people are degenerates:

Michigan Bills Limiting Union Power Pass in Legislature

The Atlantic’s mostly brilliant staff tells you the best books they read this year:

The Best Book I Read This Year

#ICYMI. I wrote about Black Republicans, and their propensity to refer to Black Dems as being on the “plantation.”:

Black Republicans & The “Plantation”

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5 @ 5: Fast Food Nation

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We’re are becoming a nation of service workers. And fast food workers have a long, hard fight ahead of them to get living wages. With perseverance, and our support they can get there sooner rather than later:

A Fast Food Nation Fights for Living Wages—Against Long Odds.

You think Barry was fucking ’round in that election? Nah, B. Just like ’08, he played to win:

The Science Behind Those Obama Campaign E-mails.

I wish this was a surprise, but it’s not. The NYCHA sucks, badly:

Housing Agency’s Flaws Revealed By Storm.

In arguing against raising the Medicare eligibility age, Charles P. Pierce shows why he’s necessary:

The Actual Cost Of Washington’s Clever Debt Deal.

#ICYMI. I wondered aloud about Jeffrey Goldberg’s gun fantasies.

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Gunsmoke.



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5 @ 5: Standing Your Ground

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Ta-Nehisi Coates speaks of the boy that still lives inside me as well. I suspect he still lives in inside any man who grew up in the hood or the ghetto:

The Seductive Dream of Standing Your Ground.

Is warp speed possible? Not without the mas-energy of Jupiter:

What If NASA Could Figure Out the Math of a Workable Warp Drive?

Let’s hope SCOTUS doesn’t fuck this up:

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Two Cases On Gay Marriage

Biggie’s still dead, and his murderer(s) are still on the loose, but his autopsy has just been released:

Long-sealed Notorious B.I.G. Autopsy Released.

Sign of the times? Jet mag gets with the program:

Jet Magazine Features Its 1st Gay Male Couple.



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5 @ 5: Taxes & Prisons

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We’re so worried about the Zombie Apocalypse that we’ve seemed to forget the robot uprising that’s coming soon:

People are paying less taxes then they were in 1980, but no one seems to think so:

It costs a lot of money to lock people up. The prison industrial complex has many state budgets in shambles:

Obama’s playing hardball, and it’s sounding good to me so far. I’m very curious about that 400 billion “trim” to entitlements though:

Are dinner parties dying? Say it ain’t so. Maybe I’ll figure out how to bring it back…



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5 @ 5: Hurricane Sandy & Haiti

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My country continues to get the extreme short end of the “natural” disaster stick:

Junot Diaz + Tumblr =

Finally, we have a prominent Republican willing to admit that “voter fraud” is GOP bullshit:

Apropos of what I was talking about the other day:

The military isn’t infallible. Soldiers know this. Why won’t most politicians or media say so?:


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A Late 5 @ 5: D.L. Hughley Is A Misogynist

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The title says it all. I’ve got a longer post on Mr. Hughley’s comments:

Foreign Policy says that many coastal cities are doomed. I think drastic measures will be taken, at least in the U.S., before we get to total disaster, but who knows:

So much for Wal-Mart having the lowest prices:

…80 percent of the stuff in Target and Wal-Mart is identical.” The prices are often identical, too. The most recent comparison by Bloomberg Businessweek found only a 46-cent difference between the two retailers per $100 of purchases. (You’ll save that 46 cents at Target, although Wal-Mart usually wins independent price comparisons.)

Rick Scott is an asshole. Is this quote sarcasm, or is he just that dense?:

“Early voting will end Saturday night,” Scott told reporters in response to the request. “But I want everybody to get out to vote.” 

Pay close attention this line:

Citing heavy turnout, Dems and League of Women Voters asked Governor Scott to restore voting this Sunday

Notice how it doesn’t mention Republicans asking for more time so that people can vote. Notice how the post also says that GOPers are the ones who cut early voting hours. Asshats I tell ya.

#ICYMI, I had a quote a former Veep economist, and a few thoughts of my own on today’s jobs report:

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5 @ 5: Us vs Them

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No, not Democrats vs GOPers or Blacks vs whites. Much nerdier than that. Nerd hypotheticalism (yes, I just made that up) at it’s best:

Well planned take downs aren’t just for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Shakespearean plots any more:

Some truly beautiful, and awe inspiring pictures:

Using surgery to stop your dog from barking? Fuck you:

How do you stay healthy? Surround yourself with people who are just as committed as yourself:



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5 @ 5: Required Reading For All Men & Boys

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Gentlemen, boys & all others who consider themselves part of the male gender, read this:

What would the candidates for president do about “dark money”? Pretty much nothing:

@jennpozner says reality teevee is bad for women. I wholeheartedly agree:

I didn’t know Joe Trippi now works for Fox News. The biggest Deaniac is now working at the Death Star. SMH. He’s really gone soft too, but the biggest takeaway from this article is that eating right can, and probably will save your life:

This isn’t about competition, it’s about increasing market share even more. The iPad Mini will be a blockbuster. You can take the to the bank:

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