Welcome to my new home on the web. Welcome to the a place where you hopefully will turn to find sharp analysis, news, opinion, and most of all the truth. On some issues it will be the truth as I see it, but I will always strive to bring you facts. My twitter pages says sincerity is my credential, honesty is as well.

I will talk to you about issues from my point of view, and I will tell you what I think it means for the poor, the overlooked, the underrepresented, and those of us who are Black & Brown in America. I’m not a reporter, but I hope to bring you  some news, and issues you’ve never heard of or really thought about in addition to the stories that are carrying the day. My main focus, obviously, will be on what happens within our borders, but do not believe I will not speak of & to my constituency overseas as well.

More than anything I want this place to be a community. I’m looking for passionate, intelligent, and well-informed discussion. You want to be pissed off at me or another commentor? Be my guest, but stick to the issues, and stick to the facts. No ad hominem attacks, no lies, no personal shots. Save that shit for your twitter page. The other things I’m looking for AIB to be is a resource. With a lot of issues, I’ll tell you what I think should be done, but more than that I want to tell you how we/you can get it done. When I talk about financial literacy I’ll give links to places where we can go to become more financially sound individually & as a community. I’ll expect the community I hope to build to respond in kind in the comment section.

This blog is not going to be just about my own navel-gazing. This will be a place for real world solutions, real world advice & real world action.

Welcome to a place where we will talk fatherhood. Welcome to a place where we will talk marriage & relationships. Welcome to a place where we will talk poverty. Welcome to a place where we will talk immigration, the military & prison industrial complexes, racism, American exceptionalism, and A LOT of politics.

Welcome to America…In Black.