Some folks out there need to get a clue. This Kos rant where he tells Nader & his supporters to fuck off has caused a little stir over at the Great Orange Satan. I stand firmly with Kos on this one. I’m so tired of pious liberals. No one will ever make these people happy. The person they are looking for does not exist. They are like militant vegetarians & vegans. Very few people can afford to eat like that. Very few people can afford to wait for the Perfect Progressive┬«. You may not think there is a big difference between Dems & the GOP but there are millions of people who do know & can tell the difference in their daily lives. The parents of the dead soldier, the brother of tortured Abu Ghraib inmate, the gay couple that just got married in MA, the drug addict that got rehab instead of jail. Obviously all Dems don’t fall on what I would call the right side of all issues but on a national or statewide scale if I want to vote for the person that’s closest to my ideals that can actually win that person will be a Democrat.

Where are all these great & magical pure progressive/liberal people that are going to win & change the world? How do you make a difference if you don’t have any recognized power? Change doesn’t come over night. It never has & it never will. Humans are not built like that. Every progressive milestone in history came because of years of hard work. People out there fighting bit by bit to get what they can. Sometimes you have to accept scraps because you can’t fight at all if you starve to death.

This is not about quelling criticism. It’s about facing up to what the actual playing field is not what we wish it were. I’m a lib all the way but I don’t believe in deluding myself or patting myself on the back for being pure. From your pure liberal ivory tower, maybe you don’t comprehend the difference between Dems in power or Repubs in power but I do. I grew up in a poor hood & I know what the difference between Reagan & Clinton was. Lots of parents of soldiers & parents of civilians in Iraq they can give you a pretty good hypothesis on what the difference between Gore & Bush would have been two.

So if you to take your ball & go home, if you want to only vote for that pure mythical progressive than I do say fuck you. Some of us have work to do. The shit that actually changes people’s lives not just makes ourselves feel good because we stayed “pure”. Blood is on you hands as well.

This is a man who called our 1st Black president an Uncle Tom. Fuck him. All of you who want to get on here and defend that mofo, defend that too.

Obama is not the mythological Liberal beast come to vanquish all before him. That person doesn’t exist. We will get more progressives into office by voting for the more progressive person that can actually win. Not by voting for the person we wish could win. You want more Libs start by fighting for & supporting them locally, or run for office your damn self. From the ground up folks. We will never have a truly progressive person as president if we don’t get more & more progressives winning locally. Stop bitching & whining & get to work.

Naderites you’re not progressives. Progressives are for you know progress. Tell me how you voting for Nader has brought progress?