hat tip to Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald’s post is a must read. I don’t have much to add beyond what he said.

I hate Hannity with the fire of a thousand suns. This guy is maybe the most despicable person in media today. To paraphrase Howard Stern, Hannity is the king of right-wing hack media.

Hannity’s “logic” is utterly ridiculous. He is allowed to center his show around a virulent anti-semite because he is a “journalist” but Obama can’t sit on a board with Ayers. Come on. First of all no one thinks Hannity is a journalist. Secondly Hannity makes it sound as if Martin’s appearance on his show was adversarial in nature when it was not. Martin was on his show to promote smears Hannity already believed. I’m glad Gibbs asked him if he was an anti-semite. It’s that kind of retort that exposes this guilt by association non-sense.