Right-Wing Wacko Watch: NM State Rep. Wants Abortions After Rape To Be Illegal

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A Republican lawmaker in New Mexico introduced a bill on Wednesday that would legally require victims of rape to carry their pregnancies to term in order to use the fetus as evidence for a sexual assault trial.

This bill has a less than zero chance of passing, because as the the article states Dems control the NM statehouse, but the fact that Cathrynn Brown would even introduce something as ludicrous is eye opening. Mississippi is down to its last abortion clinic & while we just celebrated 40 years of Roe the march to restrict abortion marches on unimpeded in many states.

I do not believe we will ever see Roe overturned nationally, but the tactics of people like Brown & the anti-choicers who occupy many statehouses must be beat back vigorously.


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Mammograms Don’t Save Lives*, Long Live Mammograms!

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Mammograms, it seems, are sort of a fraud:

…numerous trials of mammography have indeed randomly assigned nearly 600,000 women to undergo either regular mammography screening or no screening. The results of more than a decade of follow-up on such studies, published more than 10 years ago, show that women in the mammogram group were just as likely to die as women in the no-mammogram group. The women having mammograms were, however, more likely to be treated for cancer and have surgeries like a mastectomy. (Some of the studies include trials from Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, and this major reviewof the data.)

In other words, mammograms increased diagnoses and surgeries, but didn’t save lives—exactly what the researchers behind last week’s observational study concluded.

I say sort of because they do save a few lives:

…there is a fraction of cancers that are deadly but, when found at just the right moment, can have their courses changed by treatment. Women with these cancers are helped by mammograms. Clinical trial data suggests that 1 woman per 1,000 healthy women screened over 10 years falls into this category, although experts say that number is probably even smaller today because of advances in breast cancer treatments.

So that means, at best .001 of women screened are specifically helped by a mammogram. Case closed, right? Wrong. The reason I say long live mammograms is because of Black women:

Black women had a lower incidence rate (116.9 cases per 100,000) compared with white women (122.1) but a higher percentage of cancers diagnosed at regional or distant stage (45% versus 35%) . In addition, black women had a 41% higher rate of breast cancer mortality (31.6 deaths per 100,000) during 2005–2009 than did white women (22.4 deaths per 100,000).

I can’t dismiss mammograms all together when I know that the women in my community die at a 41% higher rate than whites. I have to consider the amount of Black women who can be saved by a mammogram. Obviously, the ladies of melanin are far fewer than their paler counterparts in America, but that number gives me great pause…forty-one percent. The biggest reason that keeps me from dismissing mammograms altogether is the lack of an alternative. In neither article that I quote above does the author or anyone quoted propose an alternative to screening. Hopefully something new, and life-saving will show up on the horizon soon, so we can end all this spending (5 billion), but for now it could be the difference for far too many Black women for me to kick it to the curb.

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More Contraception = Less Abortions

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Shocking, I know.

So anti-choice radicals are willing to kill to stop “murder”, but many of them are not for higher or even any contraception use at all. Instead they preach “abstinence-only.” Because that’s worked brilliantly.

If abortion is akin to murder, then why not promote contraception to prevent these needless deaths? This is where anti-choice “logic” gets even more strained. You see to many of them contraception is also murder. The Catholic Church states:

“The Church has always taught the intrinsic evil of contraception, that is, of every marital act intentionally rendered unfruitful. This teaching is to be held as definitive and irreformable. Contraception is gravely opposed to marital chastity; it is contrary to the good of the transmission of life (the procreative aspect of matrimony), and to the reciprocal self-giving of the spouses (the unitive aspect of matrimony); it harms true love and denies the sovereign role of God in the transmission of human life.”

So not only is contraception “evil”, it also “harms true love.” I’m sorry, but this is bat-shit crazy. I say that as someone raised in the Catholic Church who is still relatively religious.

So ladies, no sex. If you decide to be sinful and give up the goods, you can’t use contraception either. Because you know, you wouldn’t want to harm the true love you may or may not be interested in finding.

Enough snark. You want your own free condoms don’t you? Of course you do:


NY State.






Some of these are only for orgs, but I like to think that my readership is involved with some great non-profits out there, so get ‘em, and give ‘em out! You can of course just do what I did, and search online for free condoms in your area if it’s not listed above. There’s probably some government agency or NGO givingem out almost everywhere in this country. Leave any that you know of in the comment section.



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How The NY Times Whitewashed Sickle Cell

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The NY Times has published an article about sickle cell disease where the reporter does not mention SCD overwhelmingly affects Black people in this country. Here we have an 1110 word screed with not even one mention of the people most affected by this disease. The story even revolves around a young white child (with picture of course). Off the top of my head I can think of one other Times article that photoshopped Black and/or brown people from the picture. That NY Times article focused on Brooklyn foods/restaurants, and managed to not speak to any Black or brown entrepreneurs working in the area. Brooklyn just happens to be 64% non-white. I’m sure y’all can find lots of other instances of whitewashing in the NY Times, and of course the media in general.

Let’s take a quick look at those SCD statistics:

  • SCD affects 90,000 to 100,000 Americans.
  • SCD occurs among about 1 out of every 500 Black or African-American births.
  • SCD occurs among about 1 out of every 36,000 Hispanic-American births.
  • SCT occurs among about 1 in 12 Blacks or African Americans.

That’s from the CDC. Notice how stats for white people aren’t even listed.

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