“An act of terrorism derived from religious extremism”

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Abortion doc murdered:


My title is taken from a tweet by @matthew_ryan. Follow him on Twitter.

Like I said on Twitter I would like to add to his tweet but I think it says plenty. Not just about the media though but also about us as a country and our understanding of what terrorism actually is. Of course the nation’s overall misunderstanding didn’t just “happen” it was aided, abetted and thought up by BushCo.

Thank You McCain Supporters

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Finally we get some people on the GOP side standing up to this bullshit. While I believe that McCain & Palin are waging a subtler smear campaign around the same ignorance. It’s great to see some of his supporters fighting back. It’s mind boggling how complicit the American public & media have been in spreading these smears against Muslims. Colin Powell’s very powerful statement on MTP on Sunday hopefully is the beginning of a turning tide. As Muslims have become a target for racism, xenophobia & religious intolerance too many people on both sides of the political divide have either stood idly by or actively particepated in it. Democrats hold no high on this issue. I’ve seen & heard too many stories with some Dems saying Obama is a Muslim like he was part of evil race from outer space. We are all better than this. Let’s remember what this country stands for.

Thank You Campbell Brown

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via Jason Linkins:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Obama made this point a few months ago. It was a little late but needed to be said nonetheless. Finally someone in the media calls out this bigoted crap for what it is. Thank you Campbell Brown.