Joe Biden Is Ill On The MIC!

by TKOEd • Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 • one response - join in

Wow. Biden played out Palin like Biggie did Kwame. An even clearer victory for Joey B than at the veep debate. Sarah, you’re fucking done sun!

Shout out to T-NC for putting me on to the video below that led me to this one.

This is just plain funny as hell.

that guy (bush)

by TKOEd • Monday, Feb 26, 2007 • no responses - be the first

I’ve decided to start this blog on a light note. i don’t know if this has been written about anywhere else but I’ve noticed that joe biden always calls bush “that guy” or “this guy” in interviews. i personally think this is hilarious especially considering that bush has a nasty habit of calling dems the democrat party instead of the democratic party. i have read this supposedly goes back to nixon who started saying it like that to try and emphasize the “rat” syllable in the name. really just lowbrow stuff.