Quote of the Day: Pastor Rick Warren

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I predict that the battle to preserve religious liberty for all, in all areas of life, will likely become the civil rights movement of this decade. If it takes a popular movement to reign in overreaching government, then Hobby Lobby’s courageous stand, in the face of enormous pressure and fines, will likely be considered the Birmingham bus boycott, where good citizens finally got fed up with having their rights trampled on, and decided to challenge those who favor conformity over freedom.

Warren is speaking on a lawsuit brought by Hobby Lobby, an arts & crafts chain, to keep them from having to pay for healthcare that provides reproductive care to women. My first response is FUCK YOU, Rick Warren. I have to other point to make though:

1. The idea that a company already restricting women’s rights is at the forefront of any “new” civil rights movement is not infuriating, but extremely laughable. In the eyes of people like Rick Warren & Hobby Lobby’s owner, David Green the only person who’s right’s matter are the owner’s. Women, as usual, in these arguments are irrelevant. Their rights don’t even begin to matter.

2. I’m need people to immediately stop using the Civil Rights Movement (and MLK in particular) as some sort of leaping point for their hatred of the poor, women, & even minorities. That “content of character” quote doesn’t mean what you think it means.


More Contraception = Less Abortions

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Shocking, I know.

So anti-choice radicals are willing to kill to stop “murder”, but many of them are not for higher or even any contraception use at all. Instead they preach “abstinence-only.” Because that’s worked brilliantly.

If abortion is akin to murder, then why not promote contraception to prevent these needless deaths? This is where anti-choice “logic” gets even more strained. You see to many of them contraception is also murder. The Catholic Church states:

“The Church has always taught the intrinsic evil of contraception, that is, of every marital act intentionally rendered unfruitful. This teaching is to be held as definitive and irreformable. Contraception is gravely opposed to marital chastity; it is contrary to the good of the transmission of life (the procreative aspect of matrimony), and to the reciprocal self-giving of the spouses (the unitive aspect of matrimony); it harms true love and denies the sovereign role of God in the transmission of human life.”

So not only is contraception “evil”, it also “harms true love.” I’m sorry, but this is bat-shit crazy. I say that as someone raised in the Catholic Church who is still relatively religious.

So ladies, no sex. If you decide to be sinful and give up the goods, you can’t use contraception either. Because you know, you wouldn’t want to harm the true love you may or may not be interested in finding.

Enough snark. You want your own free condoms don’t you? Of course you do:


NY State.






Some of these are only for orgs, but I like to think that my readership is involved with some great non-profits out there, so get ‘em, and give ‘em out! You can of course just do what I did, and search online for free condoms in your area if it’s not listed above. There’s probably some government agency or NGO givingem out almost everywhere in this country. Leave any that you know of in the comment section.



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“An act of terrorism derived from religious extremism”

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Abortion doc murdered:


My title is taken from a tweet by @matthew_ryan. Follow him on Twitter.

Like I said on Twitter I would like to add to his tweet but I think it says plenty. Not just about the media though but also about us as a country and our understanding of what terrorism actually is. Of course the nation’s overall misunderstanding didn’t just “happen” it was aided, abetted and thought up by BushCo.

Why The Religious Argument Against Gay Marriage Is Bullshit

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Equality Maine cuts through the bull:

How would marriage equality affect my church?
That’s entirely up to your church. Remember, the issue is civil marriage, not religious marriage ceremonies. Religious institutions are not required to perform civil marriages, and may set their own boundaries for marriage. Some faith leaders will not perform marriages for people who have been divorced, for example, or for people of different religions. Marriage equality does not challenge the autonomy of religious institutions in any way. Advocates of marriage equality focus strictly on civil marriage, and leave decisions about religious marriage ceremonies to faith leaders.

Shout out Bill in Portland Maine


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I’m been trying to get my exact thoughts together on the madness over there. I’ve been reading a lot, trying to really understand what’s going on. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions:

  1. I think Israeli conduct in this “war” is reprehensible, completely unnecessary & bound to backfire
  2. I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on, most disturbingly Israeli leaders.
  3. Other people have said what I would say a lot better than I would say it.

On that last count I’ve assembled some links: first I’ve got Glenn Greenwald doing what he does best, making sense. Number two, Greenwald again. This time ripping Tom Friedman a new one over this op-ed. Next up, Daniel Larison makes me unsure that he’s a conservative with his use of actual logic. Last & certainly not least we have the great Bill Moyers. Via:

One more thing. This makes me really angry. Once again I’ll let someone else do the talking, John Cole over @ Balloon Juice:

I am not sure what Israel has on us that they can extract billions of American taxpayer dollars every year and dictate our foreign policy, but it must be something pretty good. The craziest thing about this is the silence of the jingosphere. Had this been any other nation bossing around Bush’s Secretary of State, or, god forbid, France, can you imagine the wingnut Voltron that would have been formed in outrage? As it is, crickets.

When it comes to Israel it’s like we’re living in Bizarro World.

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“They need an effective prayer strategy”

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Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer on what McCain could do to increase his chances of winning.