Quote of the Day: Norman Ornstein

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…what are you there for? What’s the whole notion of a free press for if you’re not going to report without fear or favor and you’re not going to report what your reporters, after doing their due diligence, see as the truth?

“And if you don’t do that, then you can expect I think a growing drumbeat of criticism that you’re failing in your fundamental responsibility.

Your job is to report the truth. And sometimes there are two sides to a story. Sometimes there are ten sides to a story. Sometimes there’s only one.

“Somebody has got to make an assessment of whether the two sides are being equally careless with their facts, or equally deliberate with their lies.”

I LOVE this quote. As Erika can attest to, this is a point I’ve made for a very long time. Forget balance, that’s a canard. Report the fucking truth, and report as much of it as you can find out. Don’t be a fucking stenographer. Don’t tell me 6 days in a row that a pol said X when he or she has said X for months. That’s not news. Find out why they keep repeating it. Find out if their record backs up what they’re espousing. Enlighten us, don’t infantilize us.

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“An act of terrorism derived from religious extremism”

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Abortion doc murdered:


My title is taken from a tweet by @matthew_ryan. Follow him on Twitter.

Like I said on Twitter I would like to add to his tweet but I think it says plenty. Not just about the media though but also about us as a country and our understanding of what terrorism actually is. Of course the nation’s overall misunderstanding didn’t just “happen” it was aided, abetted and thought up by BushCo.

I Do It For My Culture

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I co-sign this :

Corollary #1: Any negative social phenomenon that can be construed to originate in Black culture will be construed to originate in Black culture, no matter how irrelevant Black culture is to the cause of the phenomenon.

Corollary #2: All social phenomena said to originate in Black culture are almost invariably negative, or consistently portrayed to be negative.

Malik makes a point that I make a lot in my daily life nowadays. There are a lot of issues that are American or human problems that are frequently portrayed in the media (news, film & tee vee) as Black only problems. Check out the full post including one commenter’s willful missing of Malik’s point.

To The Traditional Media: Stop Making Shit Up

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I’m sure there are legions of Obama supporters and voters gritting their teeth at his decision to offer Hillary Clinton appointment as secretary of state.

This is from Richard Reeves‘ column for the UPS. The Economist was also peddling this nonsense this week too, in addition to some ideas as to why Hillary shouldn’t be SoS that I’ve already debunked. This is fantasy folks. Most vitriol after the primary was from a very small number of Hillaryites. I have been an Obama supporter since the beginning of his campaign. Everyone I know supported Obama. No one hated Hillary. All my friends & family would have gladly supported Hillary if she was the nominee. Yes there were some Obama supporters who hated Hillary & vice versa, but in my extensive experience around liberal blogosphere, during the primary & the GE, they were mostly people who hated her before Barack came along.

The traditional media insists upon telling stories of Democratic intra-party strife. During the GE all we heard about was the hurt felt by all these Clinton supporters & whether or not they would “come home” to the Democratic party. That was overblown & now this non-existent teeth gritting of Obama supporters over Hillary’s nod for SoS. With Samantha Power back on board with Obama’s transition team, we’ve been getting a spate of stories that make it seem as if it’s a surprise. Even though Obama is close to her & she’s a brilliant woman.

The traditional media loves to peddle drama not matter which party it comes from, but to me it seems they especially love it when it involves Democrats. So take stories & proclamations about Obama supporters “teeth gritting” with about 10 grains of salt.

Immigrants boost pay, not prison populations

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Very interesting article in the LA Times today. As an immigrant and the child of immigrants its good to see that the facts show what i have always believed and known to be true. I grew up as an immigrant in NY with immigrants for friends. Now i can’t speak to the financial impact but as far as crimes goes the findings of these studies are representative of the lives of my family, my friends families and our other immigrant neighbors. our parents were and are just good hardworking people doing their best to make ends meet and give us, their children, a chance at a better life. They did the best they could with the knowledge and talents at their disposal. I think they have succeeded. I’m the purchasing manager for a large restaurant in NY; my closest friends all graduated from college. They work for Reuters, the city of NY, the US gov’t after serving proudly in the Iraq war and Columbia university respectively. I think we are making them proud and we and our parents are definitely contributing members of American society. I still think of Haiti as my country but America is my country and my home.

Here’s a piece from the aforementioned article:

A study released Tuesday by the Public Policy Institute of California found that immigrants who arrived in the state between 1990 and 2004 increased wages for native workers by an average 4%.

UC Davis economist Giovanni Peri, who conducted the study, said the benefits were shared by all native-born workers, from high school dropouts to college graduates, because immigrants generally perform complementary rather than competitive work.

As immigrants filled lower-skilled jobs, they pushed natives up the economic ladder into employment that required more English or know-how of the U.S. system, he said.

“The big message is that there is no big loss from immigration,” Peri said. “There are gains, and these are enjoyed by a much bigger share of the population than is commonly believed.”

Another study released Monday by the Washington-based Immigration Policy Center showed that immigrant men ages 18 to 39 had an incarceration rate five times lower than native-born citizens in every ethnic group examined. Among men of Mexican descent, for instance, 0.7% of those foreign-born were incarcerated compared to 5.9% of native-born, according to the study, co-written by UC Irvine sociologist Ruben G. Rumbaut.

Both studies are based on U.S. census data, which includes both legal and illegal immigrants. They were released just days before the U.S. Congress is to restart debate on major immigration reform legislation and as numerous states, including Texas, consider harsh measures against illegal migrants.

The authors say their work shows that immigrants clearly benefit U.S. residents and are being unfairly scapegoated for problems they do not cause.